job hunting in milwaukee.. downtown/thirdward area

that’s right. i need a job. and i think i’d rather not work on campus.. (i need to get out of this place every once in a while) but the problem is that i don’t have a car.. so i’m a little limited to where i can work. yesterday i applied for a job at anthropologie in the third ward.. the girl i handed it in to complimented my shirt.. (hopefully that’s a good sign?) but i really have no experience in the retail world.. so.. yeah. just pray for me or something if you do that kinda thing. but if you know anywhere that’s hiring (and takes applicants with pretty much no experience.. at anything.. let me know!) i only have experience in a lab and doing useless office work, which doesn’t really help me with getting a kool job. but whatevuh.

let’s hope for the best. i need money.. and a discount on beautiful clothing/ working in a place that smells like heaven wouldn’t hurt either.

This post is posted on Saturday 3 September 2011.
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